Rhabarber Crumble in Backform

Since my childhood I love rhubarb! My mother often made a compote which we had with vanilla pudding. This special sourish taste of rhubarb is unique. And did you know that botanically rhubarb is a vegetable? Anyway a perfect combo is rhubarb with raspberries. And so I put both in my crumble here – which… WEITERLESEN

Bananenbrot mit Walnuss

One of my all time favorites is this banana bread. I wrote the recipe for my book about chiaseeds. This cake is perfect for breakfast but also for the afternoon tea! I love it for example with vegan coconut yoghurt and berries. Vegan Banana Bread with Walnuts For a small loaf pan (ca. 20 x… WEITERLESEN

Purple Potato Curry with Oranges

Purple veggies are a big trend! But not only because they are so beautiful, they are also more healthy: Their dark red and purple plant pigments are powerful antioxidants which help to protect the cells against all kinds of inflammation. In this stew I packed purple potatoes and blood oranges for the extra antioxidant power.… WEITERLESEN


Sometimes we all need something sweet. So what about these raw lime matcha bars – vegan, refined sugar free, glutenfree but with lots of superfoods like matcha, cocoa nibs and coconut oil? They are easy to make and you can keep them perfectly in the freezer until your sweet tooth is craving the next time.… WEITERLESEN


One of my must haves in the fridge is beetroot hummus. I love the taste, the wonderful colour and that it is so nourishing and healthy. You can add it to nearly everything. Here for example I combined the hummus with marinated persimmons but it’s also perfect on a slice of bread or any kind… WEITERLESEN


Cookies are always as good idea, not only during Christmas time. These ones I baked with two superfoods: cacao nibs and tiger nuts. The cookies are high in fiber, vegan and refined sugar free. And they are not sooooo sweet which I like. Tiger Nut Cookies Makes 15 cookies 145 g whole tiger nuts 1… WEITERLESEN


I so love apples! Especially when I can harvest my own in the garden. When our apples are ripe I bake a lot of crumbles or this tart which is vegan and glutenfree. For the crust I used almonds, buckwheat, coconut oil and coconut blossom sugar. The apples I mixed with lemon juice, maple syrup… WEITERLESEN

Roher Blaubeer-Cashew-Cake

Sometimes it has to be cake! This one is vegan, raw and without refined sugar but with powerful superfoods like chiaseeds and blueberies. Raw Blueberry Cashew Cake Makes 1 small cake (15 cm diameter) Dough: 8 large, soft dates (80 g) 50 g sunflower seeds 3 tbsp. chia seeds Filling: 150 g cashew nuts 1… WEITERLESEN